About Online Classes


Due to the current social distancing constraints the Utah Nurse Aide Registry (UNAR) is allowing us to provide coursework online. We have had the ability to offer online coursework for some time and we are hoping all goes well so the state will allow online coursework into the future!

During this time, we are offering the following:
60 hours (equivalent) of online coursework (you may begin immediately - self paced)
16 hours of in-person skills development lab (scheduled after your coursework)

After completing the online coursework, you will STILL be required to complete the 16 hours of skills lab.


The course is broken up into 12 units (Carol 1, Claudia 1, Carol 2, Claudia 2, ... etc.). You will read, watch, and study the course material. There are links that will take you to additional videos, surveys, and reading material. You will also take all the quizzes and answer all the :DISCUSSIONS: questions. Click on the :DISCUSSIONS: tab in the upper right corner to answer those questions.

You will need to pass a written test to pass the class. Our written test is 100 questions and you need an 80% to pass.

The written part of the state test consists of a 75 question test that you have to earn a 75%


There are 22 skills that can be tested in the state exam. Those skills are are described in a document located in the online course material. There are videos of the skills online. You will be required to pass off each of those skills (as well as your vital signs skills) in the skills lab at the classroom.

We suggest you role play those skills at home for practice.


We will be able to track how each of you are doing in the course, how much you have completed, quiz scores etc. If you find mistakes in the online content please email or text us what the mistake is and where it is located. For example:

    "Carols class 5, abuse test, question 1 - restrant (sp)"

Claudia and Carol are both available by phone, text, or video chat to discuss any questions or help with any information you are having trouble with.

   Carol cell 8018560740
   Claudia cell 8015994780

If you have a detailed question or need an extended amount of time being helped please text us so we can schedule a time to talk or video chat so we make sure you are receiving all the information you need.


This online class option may be limited to those of you who begin now.
Using the link below, you will create an account and pay for the course.
You may begin IMMEDIATELY - and progress at your own pace.


Refunds will only be granted within the first 72 hours after paid registration.